Thursday, February 7, 2013

Permanent Art at Plain City Elementary

Here's the finished collaborate puzzle piece that will hang in Mrs. Luker's Art Room. I plan to have 8 x 10 photos for all of he Art Enrichment Students in Group 1 to have as a keepsake.

Group One's Amazing Collaborate Puzzle Mural  24" x 36",  Mixed Media

Underneath this piece, Mrs. Luker had vinyl letters made to put underneath it that say "Every Child is an Artist. - Pablo Picasso."

For the past two session, Group 1 is finishing up their time in Art Enrichment by working on yet another permanent piece for the school lobby.  They've been hard at work rolling Quill Paper on wooden dowels to create colorful circles.  Group 2 will also create circles for the mural.  In a couple of weeks, we'll call Group 1 back to come in and help assemble the circles on a large canvas.  

Two students having fun with Quill Paper Circles


  1. Hilary, why don't you write about this for SchoolArts?

  2. Thanks, Nancy....Which piece....or both of them?