Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Week 21- Our End of the Year Party

Today was our end of the year party.  We had a special guest, Linda Peters of MainStreet Treasures to bring some ice cream treats and thank all the kids for their hard work on the postcard contest.  One of the kids had her work chosen in the second round of postcards to be printed in the late summer/fall.  And, one of my photographs will also be printed in the second round.  All of the kids' entries are on display in the window of MainStreet Treasures.  Congrats, everyone on the job well done!

Today I brought some of my Via Colori Chalk as well as some regular sidewalk chalk.  I pulverized the Via Colori Chalk, (which is actually Alphacolor Soft Pastels) and mixed them with a small amount of water.  Then, you use a paintbrush to paint the colors on.  The result is a very bright pigment against the dark blacktop.  These pastels can also be used in stick form with no water and the result is a lot like drawing pastels on dark paper.  Here's the piece I did for Via Colori in 2008 in Goodale Park.  My dog, Maggie.  ^ ^

And here's the awesome work of the art enrichment students....

Thanks to all the parents who brought food and drinks to the party.  Thanks to the Plain City Elementary PTO for making Art Enrichment possible.
And, thanks to Mrs. Luker and Mrs. Elizondo for all their help during the year with the art enrichment program.  I hope your kids enjoyed it... I know I did!

Week 20- Finishing our Abstract Canvas Project

This week, we finished our abstract paintings.  Last week, we cut out shapes from the center of the contact paper that resulted in various windows in which we painted a complementary color of paint.  This week, we did the opposite.  We cut shapes out of contact paper, and pasted those on the canvas.  We painted over the shapes.  The shapes are covering the previous work we did.  A complementary color will surround these shapes. The acrylic paint we use is student grade, so it's a bit sheer.  We can still see some of the previous work through the complementary color resulting in a very interesting abstract painting exploring shape and color.