Saturday, February 9, 2013

Group 2 Working on Circle Mural

This week, we welcomed Group 2 of this year's Art Enrichment students.  They are continuing with the project started by Group 1, the Quill Paper Circle Mural.

Mrs. Luker demonstrating how to roll the quill paper.

To start a circle, you have to roll the quill paper tightly on a wooden dowel, laying the paper on itself as you go.  Once you get the first stip on, you can add a strip in another color or stay with the same color to make a wider ring of color.  Some of the students liked the process, which does require some patience. We'll work on these some more next week and then move on to a multi-week project where we'll create three-dimensional insects. We hope to take this project further by creating a digital format for these insect sculptures.  Stay tuned!

Quill Paper Circles

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