Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Week 16- Painting our Postcard Contest Entries

This week, we continued on with our postcard contest entries and started painting.  I briefly went over the watercolor techniques and tips on painting outdoors, since some of the kids decided to paint the school.

Some kids painted inside...

I know some of the students weren't entirely happy with the results of their paintings.  They are free to do another painting at home if they'd like to submit it to the contest in addition to the one we submit from the class.  I sent out the guidelines and entry forms.  If you need another copy, please e-mail me at hframbes at gmail dot com and I'll be happy to send you another form.  

I'm in the process of planning a party for the kids, parents and teachers on the last day of class, May 25th.  Stay tuned for information on that.  See you next week!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Week 15- Starting our Watercolor Postcard Contest Entries

This week, we started our watercolor postcard contest entries by working on our drawings.  The theme or the contest, which is open to kids as well as adults, is "What does Plain City mean to me?".  The kids can paint any subject they wanted to explain this theme.  About 1/2 the class decided to paint the school, so I took them outside....

Even though many of the kids decided to draw the school, their viewpoints will all be different.  Some kids decided to focus on one part of the building, while another chose to draw the flag that sits in front of the school.  

Special thanks to Mrs. Luker's long term substitute Sara Elizondo for helping helping me with the art enrichment program for the rest of the year.  She stayed inside and helped the kids who wanted to draw from photos of Plain City that I brought in.  

Be sure to check out the art enrichment students' paper mâché sculptures in the cases at the front of the school.  They really turned out wonderful and all of you should be proud of a great job done.  Mrs. Luker told me that she got lots of compliments on them while they were still in the art room.  

Next week, we'll start painting our postcard entries.  We've got 2 Tuesdays before the due date, so come to class ready to paint.  See you then!