Thursday, March 17, 2011

Week 14-Formulating Ideas and Concepts

This week, we continued working on our three words video project.  Students further developed ideas around their three words.  Most of us are working in groups, or we are coming up with concepts that involve other students or teachers.  Some ideas involve sports such as basketball.  Mrs. Luker pointed out that we should be thinking about how the camera will show our concept.  Will it pan across you, or zoom in?  How will you be standing? What will you be doing?  Consider these questions as we move forward.

Students:  If your concept involves props, please bring them in for art enrichment class after the break.  I know I've told some of you that I'll be bringing in some props too.  Some of you have said that you plan to bring in t-shirts.  I'll send out a reminder email to bring these props in after the break.

By the way, we are all booked for our class field trip on Saturday, April 16th at Columbus Museum of Art!    Have a wonderful spring break and be ready to continue working on our video project when you get back!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Our Three Words Video Project

This week, Mrs. Luker told the students about our next project, which will be a video of student memories at Plain City Elementary.  She showed the students a video, which will be our inspiration for creating our own "three words" about PCES.  Since we are in the brainstorming phase, we are considering ALL ideas regardless of whether or not we think we might be able to pull them off.  The only limitation is that the three words have to do with the students' experiences at the school.  Beyond that, the sky is the limit!  Kids were getting creative coming up with concepts such as sports themes and friends they'd like in the video.  It looks like some teachers will be making some cameo appearances in the video as well.  Next week we'll start developing concepts and building props.  We'll also practice our concepts in front of the camera.  

Also, we are planning a fun class field trip to the Columbus Museum of Art on Saturday, April 16th at 1pm.  We'll have a 50 minute interactive tour and then we have the option of staying for another hour for Doodles, a hands on artmaking experience for kids.  The cost of the tour is $4 for students and siblings.  Parents accompanying their children get in free.  Mrs. Luker and I are really looking forward to meeting you all down at the museum for an afternoon of art, creativity and most of all, fun!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Week 13- Catching Up and Starting to Brainstorm

As often happens this time of year, some students have missed a class or two so this week we had those students finish up their Giacometti sculptures.  Those who were done, did some more work on their charcoal portraits and began to brainstorm for our next project.  So, basically we had 3 or 4 different things going on at once today in art enrichment class.  Some kids were just painting the black layer on their sculptures, some were finishing up the gold/bronze layer of paint, and others were adding shading and highlights to their charcoal portraits.

Mrs. Luker and I didn't want to reveal too much about this next project, but we did tell the students that it will be a video to be shown during the Spring Arts Show.  We asked students to come up with their favorite memories of Plain City Elementary and write them down on a large piece of paper taped to the chalkboard.  

Next week we'll talk  more about the direction and content of the video and do some more brainstorming.  See you next Wednesday!!

Week 12- Gold and Bronze Figures

This week, we completed the final step in our Giacometti inspired sculptures.  We dabbed a thin layer of either bronze or gold acrylic paint on top of the black layer.  The result, is something that looks like brushed metal.  Mrs. Luker and I have already heard many compliments on how great these sculptures look.  Just wait until we have them on display in the glass cases in the front of the school, where everyone can see them!

Week 11 Painting the Black Layer

This week, we painted the black layer of our figure sculptures.  This is the first step in making our sculptures look like bronze or gold.  Some students thought they really looked like the long skinny shadows we looked at during the PowerPoint presentation.

The next step is painting bronze or gold to really make the sculptures look like solid metal.  See you then!