Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Anti Bullying Poster Campaign Live

Over the past couple of weeks, we finished our anti-bullying campaign posters.  
After taking our photographs, it was time to download them to the computers and crop them.  

Mrs. Frambes had our posters printed to 18 x 24 size at the local Kinkos.  The following week, we laid out the slogans on our posters.  We created our text in Word, and printed out the blocks of type.  Then, we cut out our type.  Some of the designs worked better with letters cut out one by one. 

Some of them looked better by cutting out each word and pasting it on to the poster.  

We kept the look and feel of Barbara Kruger's artwork, but also created our own personalized anti-bullying messages for Kindergarten through fourth grade.  We hung the posters in the halls and in the cafeteria.  

This morning, two students presented the posters to the school in the morning announcements to make the rest of the students aware of our campaign.  I went around the school to take photographs of the posters and Mrs. Carother's class was taking a walking tour of the posters to talk about each one.  I thought that was pretty cool!  I got lots of compliments from other teachers about the posters.  The whole idea behind an advertising campaign, is to have it noticed and for it to have an impact.  These really do have impact!!

If you'd like to take a tour of the photos, please click HERE.