Monday, March 2, 2015

Wrapping Up Last School Year's Projects (2013-2014 4th Graders)

I can't believe it has almost been a year since I posted on this blog.  I'm making a resolution to post more frequently as we move through the 2014-2015 class of fourth graders!  But before I get to that group, I want to cover what we did in last year's class towards the end, because it was truly amazing.

First of all, the fish assemblage projects really turned out well. 

You can see some of those in Mrs. Luker's Art Classroom and in the Community Room at 'Ol 42 Grub House in Plain City.

Also we finished the gift card mosaic project.  This project was the brainchild of Mrs. Luker.  Several people donated expired gift cards to her, and she got the idea to have the students create a mosaic out of cut pieces of gift cards.  Students submitted possible sketches as ideas for the panels.  Since the panels were to be displayed in the cafeteria, it made sense to promote healthy eating in the fun way.  Once the sketches were narrowed down to two, we created an aggregate colors to help guide the students on cut gift card piece placement.  It took many, many hours of work to complete these mosaics, but it was definitely worth it!  Both panels are currently installed in the PCES Cafeteria....

We couldn't be more thrilled about how this mosaic turned out.  Such a great permanent addition to the school walls.  You should be proud, 2013-2014 fourth graders!