Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Week 8- Finishing our Watercolor Landscape Paintings

I'm a bit late in putting up this post... sorry about that. Last Tuesday we finished our watercolor landscapes by adding some detail. We used watercolor pencils and I showed the kids the different ways you can manipulate them. You can draw on wet paper with them, draw on dry paper and then blend them with a wet watercolor brush, or you can just draw on the dry paper if you want crisp lines. They really are very versatile and can give your painting lots of exciting detail.

I didn't bring my camera this past week. However, you'll all have the opportunity to view the students' work at the Pioneer Coffee Company soon. The owner has agreed to exhibit their paintings and I plan to bring them up there and hang them in week or so. I'll let you all know when the big unveiling is, so that you can check it out. I think you'll be impressed at what they've accomplished.

This week, we'll be starting our paper mâché animal sculptures. We'll be drawing from photographs to get more acquainted with the shape of our animals. And we'll also be gathering ideas for objects that will work well as a base or armature for our sculpture. The kids seem really excited to start this next project!

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