Saturday, August 13, 2011

Wrapping Up the School Year & The End of the Year Party

You know when you mean to do something, then days turn to weeks or in this case :gulp: months?  I've been meaning to write the last few posts for 4th grade art enrichment now since school ended in June.  I got busy with the summer classes in my masters program, which ended last week and now I'm on vacation penning the last few posts in Florida.  Better late than never!

We finished our Rothko inspired colored paper collages:

For our last class, we decided to do some computer generated art.  Mrs. Luker set up a still life from which to work from. It was neat to see everyone's interpretations on line, pattern, shape and color of the forms:

For our end of the year party, parents brought food and drinks and I brought some colored pastels to draw and paint with outside.  Here's what the students created on the school playground:

Thanks again Art Enrichment parents and students for a fabulous year!   Best of luck at Canaan Middle School!!

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