Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Trip to Washington, DC

Last week, I went to Washington, DC as the Ohio Delegate for Parenting Magazine's Mom Congress.  It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life!  There were many sessions, including early literacy, bullying, technology, school food, emotional intelligence, the STEM curriculum and arts education.  Obviously, I'm deeply passionate about the importance of arts education.  I got to ask Arne Duncan a question last Tuesday, after the delegate from Florida asked the STEM curriculum of science and math teachers.  I asked him about the emphasis of the STEM curriculum and how that seems to leave the arts out.  I said that during the renaissance, there was an explosion of technology and innovation, and that many of these scientists were also gifted in the arts.  I asked him if there were any plans for the Obama administration to expand arts education, as it's been proven to teach critical thinking and creativity, which enhance science and technology learning.  He answered me by saying that we have to stop narrowing the curriculum and that he felt arts education is important.  He said they are hoping to expand arts education and are asking congress for a billion dollars for funding.

It was inspring to hear from so many great speakers and leaders in the education field, but to me the most inspiring part of the conference was collaborating with the 50 mothers from every state including the District of Columbia.  Each of them was doing amazing things with their schools, from turning around poverty stricken schools to implementing fresh food in their cafeterias.  Each of us came from a different state in the country, had different political ideals and values, but we all agree that every child has the right to a quality education regardless of what zip code they live in.

The Mom Congress' first call to action, is to have everyone "like" our facebook page.  So, if you're on facebook please take a moment to like our page, as we are looking to get 10,000 fans by Mother's Day.

Additionally, you may want to bookmark Parenting Magazine's Mom Congress Resources page, as it has wonderful links to resources for parents regarding all aspects of education.

Thanks to all of you... Mrs. Luker, Mrs. Hicks, parents and students involved with the Art Enrichment program for making this unbelievable opportunity possible for me.  I couldn't have done any of it without all of you!

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