Thursday, March 17, 2011

Week 14-Formulating Ideas and Concepts

This week, we continued working on our three words video project.  Students further developed ideas around their three words.  Most of us are working in groups, or we are coming up with concepts that involve other students or teachers.  Some ideas involve sports such as basketball.  Mrs. Luker pointed out that we should be thinking about how the camera will show our concept.  Will it pan across you, or zoom in?  How will you be standing? What will you be doing?  Consider these questions as we move forward.

Students:  If your concept involves props, please bring them in for art enrichment class after the break.  I know I've told some of you that I'll be bringing in some props too.  Some of you have said that you plan to bring in t-shirts.  I'll send out a reminder email to bring these props in after the break.

By the way, we are all booked for our class field trip on Saturday, April 16th at Columbus Museum of Art!    Have a wonderful spring break and be ready to continue working on our video project when you get back!

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