Monday, May 17, 2010

Week 19- Continuing our Abstract Canvas Project

This week, we added a layer of acrylic on top of the blended colors we put down on the canvas last week.  The kids cut out linear and geometric shapes in contact paper.

We talked about abstract shapes and artists and I showed some examples from Jean Miro, Paul Klee and also some Aboriginal art, since they are also studying that in their regular 4th grade art classes.

The students drew shapes on contact paper with sharpie marker and then cut those shapes out from the inside.  From there, they peeled the contact paper backing off with the help of myself or Ms. Elizondo and then carefully placed the contact paper on the canvas.

Then, the students picked a complementary color to paint in the windows they created in contact paper on to the canvas.  The result is a wonderful  blend of shape, color, and interesting composition.

Next week, well do the opposite.  We'll cut out shapes in contact paper, place those on the canvas and then paint over the negative shapes.  Instead of painting in the "windows" or in the shapes we've cut out, we'll be painting around them.  Sound confusing?  Well, you'll have to see how they all turn out as we unveil them at the Art Enrichment Class end of the year party on Ma 25th.  :)

By then, we'll know the winners of the Plain City Postcard Contest.  Speaking of which, one of our students, Rachel had her painting printed in the Plain City Advocate this week.  

The winners will be announced this weekend, at Plain City Heritage Days, 1pm at the Flatiron.
According to Mainstreet Treasures, here were 59 adult entries and 11 youth entries.  Fingers crossed that some of the youth winners are students from PCES!