Thursday, March 4, 2010

Week 13- Painting our Animal Sculptures

This week we began painting our animal sculptures with acrylic paint.  Acrylic paint is opaque, which really covers the newsprint well.

Some of the kids decided not to paint their animal exactly how it looks in nature. I thought this was a fun idea. One student thought it would be fun to put a tie dye pattern on her penguin. Another student decided that spots would be neat on a dog. I like the idea of playing with these sculptures and making them even more interesting to look at. We've been stuck in our houses all winter with gray skies outside. Why not have some fun with color?

For this blog update, I decided to directly upload the photos to the blog instead of using flickr as my picture hosting site.  I've heard that teachers at the school haven't been able to view the pictures on the blog, because flickr is blocked.  Hopefully, you'll all be able to see the photos now.  :)

We'll continue painting our sculptures next week and finish up this project. See you next week!

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