Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Art Enrichment Students' Work On Display at the Pioneer Coffee Company

Hi everyone! We've missed two classes because of all this bad weather and snow. I hope everyone's been staying warm and taking some time to paint or draw on their own to pass the time.

I wanted to let you all know, that the students' watercolor landscapes are on display at the Pioneer Coffee Company on Main Street in Plain City! They've been given a very prominent spot right in the front of the coffee shop, right next to other local professional artist's work. Please go in and take a look at them... they look fantastic all together.

And, please support the Pioneer Coffee Shop and thank them for agreeing to show the kids' work. :)


I just got a really nice e-mail from Jeremy at the coffee shop...

Hi Hilary,

Its Jeremy from Pioneer Coffee. The art work is all hung on the wall and looks GREAT! I hope all of you can make it out sometime soon and see how much it livens our place up. Just wanted to say thanks again for the participation and contribution. One of our main visions is reaching out and being very much involved in this community, and this was a great step in that direction. Hope to see you soon!!



  1. Yah! I can't wait to go in there and see everything. They look so pretty and colorful from your pictures here. Thanks Hilary!

  2. You are welcome! I went in again today and Jeremy and I were discussing a neat way to display the kids' paper mache sculptures when they are done. :)